Footless Compression Socks for Women - Sleeve for Calves 15-20mmHg Graduated Shin Splints

PERFORM AT YOUR BEST WITH PAIRFORMANCE! Stoke your inner fire and push your limits during your every day task or exercise. PAIRFORMANCE Compression 15-20-mmHg Calf Sleeves or Footless Socks are designed to provide you with all the Comfort you need to Boost your Circulation while enjoying your favorite Sport or your everyday Task. We recommend it for all Sport Activities, from warming up to full sessions. If you stand up a lot, or are pregnant, you will prevent soreness and pain in legs and feet. Two Unisex Calf Sleene socks perfect for men and women: Available in Black and Neon Pink. Compression Socks can reduce lactic acid and muscle fatigue. They also been shown to refine proprioception whick will improve the efficiency of your movement. Also will aid for a faster recovery time when worn for a few hours post workout.

  • 75% Nylon
  • Washable Material
  • STREAMLINED LEG WARMER FOR FASHIONABLE ACTIVEWEAR - Slimming and breathable performance socks are perfect for both men and women who want to enhance performance yet still look cool. These compression sleeves will not run down and are made to perfectly fit your leg. Available in black or neon pink. Washable, Durable, and Comfortable - 1 Pair. Comfortable for daily use. Perfect for Runners, Yogis, Dancers, Basketball Players, Marathon Runners, Travelers, Hikers or prolonged Standing.
  • ENHANCE YOUR PERFORMANCE LEVEL AND POST WORKOUT RECOVERY - These calf sleeves give a gentle compression that can increase blood flow to your muscles, reducing pain and swelling both during and after workout. Suitable for Cyclists, Crossfit athletes, Ninja Warriors, Sports and other Outdoor Activities.
  • COMFORTABLE FOR DAILY USE - Nurses, teachers, salon owners, moms and any other occupation that requires being on your feet all day can all benefit from these comfortable footless socks. The fabric has been designed to be worn under a skirt, pants or shorts without any bunching or irritation. So smooth you wont even notice that they are there.
  • MEASUREMENT are fot the S-M: 12 inches Long, 3 3/4 upper wide and 2 3/4 lower wide. L-XL: 13 inches Long, 4 upper wide and 3 lower wide. PROFESSIONAL GRADE COMPRESSION - Don't let those leg cramps keep you up at night. These professional grade compression sleeves can greatly reduce night time leg cramps. The 15-20mm Hg Graduated Premium Support may improve circulation and lessen symptoms if you suffer from edema or lymphedema. They can also help swollen ankles and varicose veins during pregnancy
  • DURABLE MOISTURE WICKING FABRIC & MACHINE WASHABLE - Made with the highest quality fabrics they are durable and can be put into our Pairformance Mesh Laundry Bags and straight to the laundry machine. The sweat wicking fabric ensures your legs stay warm but wont get sticky and sweaty during the day or while working out.

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